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Friday, March 05, 2021


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The American Dream is dying, and it’s taking democracy with it

Democracy is in retreat around the globe, accord­ing to the latest annual report from Freedom House, a civil liberties watchdog.

The situation is especially concerning in the United States, where a decade of creeping authoritarianism has produced one of the world’s most rapid paces of democratic deterioration, according to the report. In terms of individual free­doms, we’re now “closer to countries such as Romania and Panama than Western European partners such as France and Germany,” as Ishaan Tharoor noted recently.

But there’s a major economic component to our recent decline, as well: the yawning divide between rich and poor, which researchers have found to be both a cause and a consequence of democratic backsliding here and elsewhere.

The United States scores particularly poorly on equal treatment under the law, for instance. In the workplace, a large compensation gap between White men and virtually everyone else “has remained relatively constant over the past several decades,” the report notes.


JiEL said...

Your democracy is getting no better when such law makers in Republican states are trying to pass tens of laws to restrict voting for blacks and latinos etc.

That's why, I suppose (hope), on the federal field with Biden, they are «trying» to spread some voting rules to make them standard in ALL the states.

Again, changing the old «far west» and «slave master view» seems to be so hard to do that even after the emancipation of black people it's still bugging those «neanderthal» white Retrumplicans.

And spaeking of France in the texte, remember that France came to help US colonies to get rid of the English and were a model for your republic.

For now, USA have meny issues to take care of and the way the Congress and now the Senate is going like a turtle pace, many Americans will be in lot of pain while the rich and wealthy will continue their way without any consideration for their less wealthy fellow citizens.

SickoRicko said...

JiEL - You are right on all points. (I hope you're not getting too worked up over this.)

JiEL said...

I'm following the news on CNN and our news networks here in Canada are giving quite accurate reports of what is going on in USA's politics and the actions taken on the pandemic.

Not mentionning that I CANNOT listen to the crap on «Fuck News» more than seconds.

Canada is a long time friend to USA and I know that politics between our two countries aren't always a honey moon but it's the best international friendship in the world.
What is making us suspicious and almost scared are the extremism, the violence and the fact that guns are in your blood and habits.

That Second Amendment should be taken of of your Constitution because it's no more accurate to the 21st century with all those mass destruction riffles and guns. This Second Amendment was ok in the 18th century but now, it's obsolete.

We are two democracies but in many ways very different in the way we see and do politics.

SickoRicko said...

JiEL - I agree that the Second Amendment has been abused as an excuse to own those terrible weapons.