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Wednesday, May 15, 2024



Big Dude said...

Fun GIFs!

Jeff said...

We had to swim naked in high school back in the mid and late 70's.This was an interesting time in my life.I knew I was different and this opened my eyes literally and figuratively.

Cdadbr said...

I suspect that if more people were into nudity AND understood the benefits of such, it would be more about staying in better shape and physical condition so they'd "look good nekkid", rather than not.

Unfortunately, "clothes" were linked to "prosperity" and things progressed from there. In the earlier 1960s, it was common for farm guys to work shirtless in the summer. As their hormones grew their muscles, which looked even better with a tan on their skin. With not many cars with a/c, it was a bit normal for guys to drive around shirtless so they'd not harm their shirts with sweat, so their shirts were in the back seat and then put on when they stopped to go into a business. By the end of their college years, these things had evolved out with prosperity and more factory a/c cars, by observation.

When I got brave enough to start sleeping nude. First with my underwear around one ankle and then full-nude when I got a private room in the college dorm, THEN I discovered how much better I slept. Then I got into better shape and discovered some secluded nude beach areas I could get a full tan. Others were there, too. A fun time to fully relax with the warm summer sun on my skin!

THEN the dermatologists got involved talking about skin cancer risks. Few guys were shirtless any more and shorts inseam lengths got longer. Instead of keying on arms, abs, and thighs, had to enjoy looking at nice calves. Add video games into the mix and FEW guys understood how good they looked in mid-thigh shorts and such. Just not the same anymore. And, too, I got older and my fitness activities came to a stop. I don't look nearly as good nekkid as in my 30s, unfortunately. I started taking D3 and K2Mk7, which helps.

I fondly remember my earlier nudist and house nudist days. Which also included my evolution into "freeballing" or "underwear-ness", which I still enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said.

#1) You bet I would follow his ass and swinging cock out of the pool!

#2) Oh, I'm come to this cheeky gem several times today.

#3) Just maybe, someday, I will walk the seashore naked. The older I get; I could care less about certain things.

#4) OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, now that look fun and refreshing. I've actually done that with a buddy of mine, ions ago. It was dark out and 3 moons were shining. I'll be back to watch this beefy dude show off his wiggly buns:)

Great job Rick!!

JiEL said...

Wet buns are so delicious! YUMMY!

whkattk said...

That little clip from the magazine says it all. And it's true!

uptonking said...

Yay! I love going nude outdoors - in the sun! So lovely. And fun.

Xersex said...

last one: what marvellous body