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Saturday, June 12, 2021


Not the best way to start one's day...

Baby raccoon stuck in sewer cover freed by firefighters

It may be the saddest yet cutest photo you see all weekend.

Firefighters in Michigan rescued a baby raccoon Tuesday after it got its head stuck in a sewer cover.

Harrison Township Firefighters Local 1737 posted on Facebook that crews used multiple tools to free the animal.

The raccoon did not have any injuries, the fire station said. It did not say how the animal got stuck in the first place.

While it's not a typical call, fire­fighters make these kinds of rescues more often than you may think. 

Last year, California firefighters rescued a puppy that got her head stuck in the wheel of a spare tire. A few months later, fire­fighters in Scotland freed a fox cub from a rusty wheel with cutting equipment.

I cut-n-pasted this entire short article, but still linked the headline. The body copy contains links to other unfortunate animals in the same situation.


BatRedneck said...

"Very Game of Thrones" was my first thought at seeing the picture.
Then I read the headline and the marshmallow heart of mine started to melt.
Eventually my mind took over, stating the obvious: how fortunate we are, for we have these wonderful, never-ending working, always responding firefighters who actually help making the world a better place to live in.
Thanks a million Rick for reminding us all how firefighters' spirit is one to follow.

SickoRicko said...

BatRedneck - I've seen lots of firefighter videos where they do good works.

JiEL said...

Weeks ago and two days in a row I had the visit of one of those raccoons on my patio deck on the second floor of my appartement situated in center downtown Monteal.

It's not the first time I have such visiter.
No need to call the firefighters as I could scare him to go back down the stairway and in the back street.

For sure, firefighters are awesome and a sort of fantasy to many gay guys as military and men in uniforms.

Henri said...

I completely agree with Badredneck and with you, Ricky. Firefighters do good works for the society, not easy works, animal rescues included, as these tender racoon. Congratulations Ricky to share this post: sad, but with the happiest end for all.

SickoRicko said...

JiEL - Thank you for being kind to the raccoon. Some people might freak out.

Henri - I'm glad it had a happy ending.