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Daily Pretty...

Daily Pretty...

Sunday, December 9, 2018




Some time ago a friend of mine mentioned that

he noticed whenever I post black men that they

usually don't get many favorable Reactions.


Aloha from Maui!

(Left) On the boat going out to snorkel.
I wasn't successful at all and had to be "rescued".
They sent someone out to haul me back to the boat.
(Right) On Little Beach, clothing optional but not sanctioned.

(Top) View approaching climb to get to Little Beach.
If you look closely, that white speck is where we end up.
(Bottom) View of Big Beach from where that speck is.

(Left) View of climb up from Big Beach. While not
horribly difficult, one has to be mindful because the volcanic
rocks are sharp. Jerry hurt himself on the climb down.
(Right) View down onto Little Beach; a lot easier!

Someone out there somehow produced these balls of sand.

A sunset that we happened to catch.