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Friday, May 26, 2017


The Health Care Debate Is About Money

It turns out that when the government spends more on health care, more people get health care. The CBO concluded that the GOP bill would spend about $1 trillion less on health care, so about 23 million fewer Americans would have coverage. And most of the money stripped out of the health-care system would be returned to wealthy Americans in the form of tax cuts.

The GOP wants to take money that the government has been spending on the poor and working class—mostly for expanded Medicaid coverage or tax credits to help moderate-income families afford their premiums—and give it back to high earners.

Excerpts taken from HERE.


whkattk said...

Yep. The expressly poor will suffer the most. What most fail to see, and explain, is this: The people who cannot afford healthcare will (again) flock to and crowd their state/county/city funded hospital emergency rooms. The wait times will increase exponentially, the quality of care will decrease exponentially, and (as Sen. Warren has stated) people will die. But, hey - then it's on the local level and Ryan and his pals can claim they've reduced the federal spending.
The people in rural areas who continue to vote for these clowns are the people who need the most assistance. The reason they vote Republican is because of the Dems pushing things like requiring eateries to post calories on menus, adding extra "sin taxes" on sugary drinks and junk food, helmet laws, etc.

SickoRicko said...

whkattk - You're absolutely correct on all points.