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Daily Fractal...

Daily Fractal...

Friday, May 5, 2017


Trump busting presidential norms with weekend getaways - POTUS has now spent 14 straight weekends visiting his business properties

Forget the occasional skeet shooting trip to Camp David or golf outing at Andrews Air Force Base. President Donald Trump has established a new normal for a commander in chief’s leisure time by spending his 14th consecutive weekend at one of his gold-plated properties.

With this weekend’s trip to his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, Trump will have spent eight of his 16 weekends as president away from Washington, and will have visited various Trump Inc. sites 30 different times since the inauguration.

The convention-busting pattern has attracted heavy criticism, with Democrats questioning Trump’s productivity during his “working weekends” and demanding answers about skyrocketing taxpayer bills for travel and security. The frequent visits to Trump’s own properties have also raised questions about whether the president is inappropriately boosting his brand.

“The guy is squeezing the presidency of every drop of promotional juice he can get out of it,” said Norm Eisen, the former Obama White House ethics lawyer.

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