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Sunday, March 26, 2017


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Donald Trump went on record to blame Friday's failure of the Republican sponsored American Health Care Act on DEMOCRATS, because "not one single Democratic" vote was offered in support. He failed to mention the dozens of REPUBLICONs who would not vote for the bill. The man is in such denial. His lifelong habit when facing failure is to deflect blame to someone else. He threatened and bullied congressional republicons that they either vote in favor of this bill or lose their seats in reelection. He must not realize that congressmen don't particularly like being threatened or bullied. At this rate, when congressional elections next come around, it will be those who supported Trump who will lose their seats. And Trump's plan to work harder to tweak a bill until it will pass a House vote? He's moving on, wanting Obama Care to "explode" until Democrats come begging for help from him. Ha! The man is not even smart enough to know the difference between the words "explode" and "implode."

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