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Daily Fractal...

Daily Fractal...

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


“There’s a real urgent energy,” said Susie Tompkins Buell, one of Mrs. Clinton’s top fund-raisers. “This is bigger than women’s rights, this is bigger than human rights, this is bigger than the environment. This is the future of the entire world.

(Emphasis mine.) Excerpt taken from HERE.

A ray of hope:

Why Trump’s Inauguration is Not the Beginning of an Era — but the End

Trump is a symptom of something much bigger and more fundamental going on in the world. So are the people behind Brexit in Great Britain. They are not driving the change, they are reacting to the change. They are not showing the way forward, they are making desperate attempts to cling to the past, a past that is gone forever.

It’s easy for politicians to whip up public fears against ... changes and rally people to go back to the old ways, to make America great again. This is the standard playbook for right-wing nationalism. In the 1930s ... that era’s right wing took those fears and drove a good chunk of the world into fascism and a world war. Today Trump is heading down that path — but he won’t get far.

...Trump ultimately is going to do America and the world a service by becoming the vehicle that will finally take down right-wing conservative politics for a generation or two. He is getting the entire Republican conservative establishment to buy into his regime. He is creating an administration that is blatantly all about rule by — and for — billionaires, sold out to the oil and carbon industries, and celebrating an out-of-control corporate capitalism. It will be a caricature of conservative policies. In short order he will completely and irrevocably alienate all the growing political constituencies of the 21st century: the Millennial Generation, people of color, educated professionals, women. He’ll eventually do the same for a significant number of more moderate Republicans. And does anyone out there really think Trump will do anything for the white working class that got him elected? Watch as repealing Obamacare blows up in his face.

Excerpt taken from HERE.

1 comment:

whkattk said...

I'd said pretty much the same thing: This is going to be the wake-up call so many people have needed - the people who continually buy into, and vote against their own best interests. But, they are ignorant of the facts; exactly where the Republicans have wanted them for so many years.

The sad part is that there will be a lot of suffering in the meantime.