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Sunday, September 27, 2015


The eleMMent Palazzo, a $3m land yacht
Announcing the world’s most expensive anything is a surefire way to attract attention, but when the thing is a $3m motor home, questions arise beyond the obvious “Why?” After all, designers create all manner of prototypes, and mythical potentates from Dubai are always rumoured to be buying them.

To read the article about this ugly, overpriced piece of conspicuous consumption concept, go HERE.


Chris Adames said...

A front shot kind of reminds me of a Star Wars trooper helmet. And the insides makes me think "Darth Vader likes!"
Yah... Take it for spin, get your evil on and destroy a planet or two!

O!Daddie now at http:odaddie.tumblr.com/ said...

I like the windshield.

SickoRicko said...

O!Daddy - Did you notice the wiper blade from the interior shot?